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Why BBX Africa

It is not totally unusual to find yourself at a loss, few months after establishing a business. Naturally, some generic questions start to demand answers: is this idea good enough? did I rush into this? Why am I not being patronized? Where are my customers? Questions like these are expected, given that business endeavors take time and the right hands to prosper.

Having understood that people are the success of a business, as there can be no patronage in an environment devoid of people, Black Box Africa was established to cater to the needs of these small businesses and endeavors, by providing advise born from experience, and utilizing our wealth of knowledge in the research process, social media, and other key areas to give your business the success it deserves. Through years of running various sizes of publicity campaigns, BBX Africa has overtime developed stature in handling reputable publicity stunts and full campaigns.

So, why BBX Africa. Having started out as a media company that seeks to shine light on the positive aspect of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we seek the good and benefits in every organization we encounter, while simultaneously trying to work on the bad aspect, as nothing is entirely good. Through this means, we can communicate truths with the publics of our client organizations, thereby building the image and reputation of such organizations, as this can go a long way in building trust and eventually consistent patronage. We understand that the magic is not in the publicity alone, but also in customer relations, reputation management, content development, branding, community service, etc.

BBX Africa is an organization passionate about the wellbeing of our clients’ organizations as this is the sole purpose of the organization; being a crucial part of your success story.

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